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Сертифицированный товар из Германии(ORION)

Быстрая доставка по Украине

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Terms and Conditions EroticLand, Kharkov


 Sex shop Harkov EROTICLAND offers the Sexual toys on any taste and colour.


Beside us possible to find all about than possible think in the most bold fantasy. There is enormous amount varied erotic goods In our shop "сексшоп".  The Perfume with феромонами, Strapon, Vibrator sex, butterflies, condom with porn, mastrubating toy , Andro penis , instruments for increase the member and bosom, exquisite Intimate and sexual linen for sexual plays and for seduction of the partner simply. The Sex of the doll which possible use for the sake of pleasures but also present for the sake of прикола friends and employee. Different массажоры clitoris , vaginal balls will do orgasm very bright for that who his(its) feels , but for that who has a difficulties with achievement of orgasm will be able his(its) get without labour absolutely. The Anal stoppers will contribute the piquancy and new sensations in the most usual sexual act even.

The Gift loved, free delivery on city. Nakopitelinaya system discount and competitive low prices in our интим shop Harkov will shop pleasing at all points.  

Our sex шоп in Harkov e Erotiklend waits you - deliver the pleasure to itself and close !!! 


Our Sex SHop Eroticland delivers goods on all populated points of the Ukraine including sowed;sown , PGT and greater city : Kiev , Doneck , Luck , Crooked Horn , Zaporozhie , Mariupoli , Poltava , Odessa , CHernigov , Dnepropetrovsk , Amounts , ZHitomir, Simferopoli , Ternopoli , Dzhankoy , Armenian , Krasnoperekopsk , YAlta , Kerch , Exactly, Livov , Military , Kovel , Sevastopol and others , as well as заграницу in any point of the world on specified address.  Sex Shop - a variety to your intimate life.


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   1. Total

Our general business conditions regulate the conditions in the contract with our customers, that is with you.
Deviating conditions of the customer does not have any power. Contracts to supply gain force only when ordering online. Failure to comply with, in particular, at a delay of payment the buyer, we reserve the right to suspend performance of these orders until complete rejection of them. Written reminders about the delay of payment include an additional penalty for processing.

2. Sale to minors
Our products are prohibited for sale to persons not of age. (Sales nepovnolitnim zaboroneno.) Buying goods in a shop, you acknowledge that you are over 18 years.
3. Contract.
Contract is entered automatically when ordering goods or services. We can confirm an order in writing, by email or transfer of goods within 2 weeks. All our offers are without obligation and not binding. Refusal to sign the sales contract is possible only with our consent. At the same time added to penalties, which we expect of their choice, or the rate of loss of value of goods due to its use.
4. Your right to refute the order when purchasing online.
a.) You can deny your request for 1 day for unspecified reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, e-mail) or send back the goods. Period begins on receipt of goods. To comply with the term denial is enough time to send a denial or merchandise at the store.
b.) In the case of denial you are obliged to send back the goods.
c.) An exception to the rights of denials are audio or video recordings and software, if they were printed out after delivery or the goods ordered, the order which was carried out according to your specific needs.
Please send back the goods with the application original score. Then we will refund you your money spent on goods. You take over the postal costs of sending back the goods.
5. Right of return for immediate sale.
You may not return after the conclusion of the contract of sale when buying in a shop (direct purchase).
6 Prices and supply conditions.
All prices include packaging and shipping costs specified. We reserve the right not to accept orders goods from customers and do not process them without have ordered goods. In these cases, we will immediately notify you and return you to your paid fees.
7. Payment and Delivery
We deliver the goods only after payment of the cost of your order (payment period 10 days) including postage. Deliveries are possible so far only in Ukraine.
8. Sending and risks.
All the risks the buyer takes over as soon as the goods were whirl in personal transportation, or left our camp to be sent. When sending goods back to us for our firm sender bears all risks, in particular the transport risk before the goods arrive at our firm, as well as all travel expenses.
9. Retention of ownership. Ordered (Delivery) commodity remains until the full payment amount of the order value of our property, regardless of the period.
10. Incomplete delivery (warranty cases).
If an incomplete delivery of goods ordered by you, we urgently deal with that case.Please contact directly with us or send us carefully packed damaged goods with a detailed description of the lack of the above address. To meet your requirements is required to provide the original invoice. We ask that the provision of evidence to send us the goods, store it carefully for evidence of shipment.
To many (almost all) goods intimate plan null and void the guarantee or using the Simplified procedure.
11. Privacy Policy
In order to fulfill your order and for customer service, we need your personal data. Non-disclosure and confidentiality, as well as giving special importance to the protection of data for us is self-evident.

Consent to the processing of personal data in the Eroticland website databaseConsent to the processing of personal data in the Eroticland website databaseThis consent is a legally binding agreement.
I, by registering and ordering products on the website “Eroticland” in the database, I give consent to the processing (namely: collection, accumulation, systematization, storage, refinement, use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking, destruction ) of my personal data to the owner of the base of the Maginov Network of Eroticland Ukraine ”, and instruct the Owner in case of economic need to fully or partially publish my data (for example, when delivered by courier or processed by the manager), according to the current regulations and conditions use of the owner’s Internet portal.
By giving this consent, I confirm that I take responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of my personal data specified during the registration of nic-handle, their timely updating, and also I undertake to observe and comply with the legislation of Ukraine in the field of personal data protection.
The Maganov Network Eroticland (Eroticland) has the right to provide access and transfer my personal data to third parties without any additional messages, without changing the purpose of processing them.
I confirm that I have read and agree that:
Purpose of processing - The purpose of processing personal data is to identify the subject of personal data as a partner and / or buyer in the implementation of economic relations, in accordance with the statutory activities of the Owner.
Personal data processing
The information in the Eroticland Maginov Network (Eroticland) database is processed in strict accordance with the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of personal data.
Term of processing personal data
Personal data will be processed only for the period of cooperation and making purchases with the “Magician’s network Eroticland (Eroticland)”, after the termination of business relations personal data are considered as for which the storage period has expired and in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” are subject to destruction the procedure stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of personal data.
Rights of the subject of personal data
My rights as a subject of personal data are specified in Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”.
The content of my rights as a subject of personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the protection of personal data” I know and understand.  
12. Limiting conditions.
If any provision of this business agreement or contract is void, then it does not concern the actions of all other conditions or agreements.

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